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We are often asked by members for digital versions of the test sheets and certificates found in ASSET handbooks, so that they can be personalised. Although these are copyright, we have arranged with the author to make these available to ASSET members.

Limited permission is granted to ASSET members only to reproduce these, on the express understanding that they on not passed to any third party or published or used in any other manner other than as a record form in an ASSET member’s own workshop/test station. Additionally, the author’s copyright notice must be retained in the footer of each document.

If you would like copies of these forms, please email: scubatechnician@aol.com , quoting your full name and ASSET Membership no. if you hold both ASSET Technician & Cylinder Technician qualifications, please provide both membership numbers.

Please confirm in your email that you accept the above conditions.
Note: these documents are in Word 2010 format. Please indicate in your email if you require an earlier Word or PDF format.

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