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Just some of the emails and letters received from ASSET members on completion of training.

James Squires -  DITC / Cyl pt 2 - January 2014
Hard to think of a better course that I have been on.
An ASSET to the dive industry, wish I had done it earlier in my career.

William Kerr  - DITC  & Cyl pt 2  January 2014
Excellent, very informative, well structured, well presented by a very informative instructor.

Marios Pavlou – Cyprus -  DITC & Cyl pt 2 Dec 2013
I’m leaving happy from the course because I learned so much.

Jacques Davie – South Africa    DITC & Cyl pt 2 – Dec 2013
Very good course. I would highly recommend it.

Ben Hawkes   DITC, Coltri Compressor Course, Cyl pt 2 & Nitrox. Dec 2103
I’ve learned a huge amount, and feel very confident in the accuracy and depth of information which has been conveyed. This course has been thoroughly enjoyable, and I’m quite sure it will prove to be immeasurably beneficial towards my career withi the recreational diving industry. Thanks.

Stewart Cross -  Cylinder Testing  - November 2013
Eve though there is a lot of information to take in on this course, the way in which Stewart delivers it makes things easy to take in and remember.
I have no hesitation in recommending this course to anybody who is considering taking it up. I am returning in 2014 to complete the DITC.

Louise Jenkins – DITC & Cyl pt2 – November 2013
Well organised, educational, inspiring and fun!

Liam Baird – DITC & Cyl pt 2 – November 2013
Really enjoyed the course and I am much more confident in my abilities as a technician now.

Michael Taylor -  Cylinder Testing -  Dec 2013
Well run course, makes the participant feel confident about testing cylinders

Graham Ferguson  - Cylinder Testing – Dec 2013
Very pleased with the course – helpful in every aspect.

James Inglis – DITC, Cyl pt2 Nitrox
I have found the course to be of immense  value and has cleared up many misconceptions.

Jana Mazura – DITC – August 2013
I am very impressed with knowledge and expertise of Mr. Meinert and like his humour. His enthusiasm is very contagious. Thank you so much.

Nathaniel Morgan – DITC , Cyl pt 2 – August 2013
Brilliant – great to have so many industry myths & legends sussed out- thanks.

Levens Maertens  - Coltri Reg/ Compressor , Cylinder Testing – April 2013
Great courses, extremely efficient and excellent contents.


Al Wright – Northern Diver

One improvement would be chairs in the workshop, for use during explanations; otherwise, this is the most comprehensive dive related course I have ever experienced. The Dive Industry is a better (and safer) place, thanks to this course, and the other related progammes offered by STATS 2000

Paul Case – Northern Diver

An excellent practical & theory course, would recommend it to everybody in the industry.

Mathew Sharp

Very good course that re emphasises the need for good practice within our industry. It would be nice if it was a requirement for the industry, (including DM level training) Thanks for all the info!

Mark Brewis – ASSET Member T1000 & CT1000

As the 1000th ASSET Member, I had a great 2 weeks learning all sorts of new things in the diving world. I would just like to say many thanks for the course the 2 of you have put together. I really enjoyed it and was well worth it. Stewart thanks so much for all your help, I was very nervous about my learning disability, but Stewart made it good for me, even if he went over it a million times. I would recommend this course to all divers. A lot of people know how to dive, but not how things should work. I’ve enjoyed every minute of this course. Thank you for all your expert advice and for sharing your knowledge with us. All this work will be transferred to sunny Cyprus at a high standard. You sure run a very professional set up and share a lot of knowledge. So once again thank you very much.

Peter Millar – ASSET Member T1001 & CT1001

Excellent course. Complete and well put across. Will recommend highly.
The handbooks are full of information you need and well set out. Overall, all you needed to know is included. The most complete course I have ever done.

Steve Harriss - ASSET Member T998

Thanks to Stewart and Frances for a very informative course. I learnt more in 12 days than I have in 7 years!! This was extremely comprehensive. It was conducted at a pace such that it was easy to assimilate the information and retain it. There was a sensible balance between classroom and practical generally. A couple of complete days in classroom were challenging but the course couldn’t have done the subject justice without them.

George Croft – ASSET Member T999 & CT999

Overall great course- information you receive is amazing

Ben Hutchinson
en Hutchinson 
Really good course. Well run and you learn so much about equipment and the dive industry!!!!

Luke Meller - MasterGas

Just to let you know we got our UKAS accreditation last month. Couldn't have done it without going on the course.

Dave Black – July 2011

Hi Stewart,
Thanks again for a series of fantastic courses, I learned so much from you and it'll stand me in good stead for the future. I consider you my teacher, my mentor and also my friend.
Very best regards,
Dave Black.

Dave Kelly – June 2011

Hi Stewart
Well the day finally came I got my approvals from IDEST yesterday so I'd better go and make some money now Thanks for all the help couldn't have done it without your input. Let me know when you get a composite course up and running. Regards

John Parish – Aquanauts Dive Centre
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you very much for the course, Stewart was great! I thoroughly enjoyed my stay, the hotel was excellent, the course was informative, well run and fun!
I know that Andy is very much looking forward to coming down soon to do the course also.
Many thanks.
Kindest regards
John Parish

Andrew Smythe - DSG (MOD) Stafford

Last week I attended the 4 day Cylinder Testers Course at your premises in Morecombe, and I must admit that when driving up the M6 on the Sunday, I was a little wary as to what the next 4 days would bring. Arriving at the venue bright and early on the Monday I was very quickly put at ease, and the method of instruction and course content, ensured that this continued over the following 4 days. I must admit that a comment I made about this being the first course for a long time, that I had to switch my brain on and start thinking, was overheard by Stewart and chuckles of laughter could be heard emanating from his office. That aside the course I thought was excellent, and the 4 days passed extremely quickly, I would without hesitation, strongly recommend its attendance, by anyone associated with Cylinder Testing and Inspection.

Mike Zaccheo

Just a quick email to let you know how much I enjoyed the course. I think it is without exception the most worthwhile course I have ever attended, I will not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who is prepared to listen to me. I hope to be in contact soon to arrange for a copy of CP3, and possibly to book onto the rest of the compressor course. All the best

John Watson - MOD

Many thanks for a most informative and enjoyable Cylinder Testing training course.

I do find I struggle to stay awake when stuck in the classroom on training courses these days, perhaps its just my age, but no chance of that with Stewart in charge, although I did have the fright of my life when he started the course at nine o'clock on the Tuesday morning with Boyles Law - something I hadn't really touched on since college days......!!

But seriously, I did enjoy the course and found in very helpful (particularly being new in this post) in understanding what my staff do all day.

Andrew Moleta - Antigua

Kind regards and please say thank you once again to Stewart! It's the only course I have ever done in diving that I felt was worthwhile! I'll send him a update on how I am getting on with the servicing!

Doug Fotheringhame - Scotland

I have worked in various locations around the world in my capacity as a mechanical engineer and commercial diver over a period of 25 years, and, as you can imagine, have attended more courses then I care to remember! I'd just like to take this opportunity to say that the 4 day cylinder testing course I attended last week at STATS 2000 run by Stewart Meinert was one of the best I've been on, interesting and well presented throughout, good facilities and his depth and breadth of knowledge which he was only too willing to impart was first class.

Mike Hill - USA

First and most important point to make - the Course is every bit as unique internationally as the staff observe. I have been through the PADI system all the way up to OWSI and I am aiming to become professionally involved in the dive industry. In fact, I already have part-time employment with a store in Northern Virginia The chief Instructor there is also a graduate of the DITC - and now, clearly, head and shoulders above all the other technicians around our region. His expertise is renowned well beyond the US North East and he runs training for a variety of stores and groups - over quite a wide area.
The 10 days that you would devote to training in UK are exceptionally well organised and the Course very effectively structured. It should be - it has been running for many years, with regular review and constant appraisal.
The whole thrust of the package is to prepare a technician, by introducing them to the theory of operation of the various components, then giving supervised, hands-on tuition and practical exercises, to manage analysis and correction of common problems and to service all the technical needs of a typical dive center. A key feature of the training is the on-site availability of all the major equipments and demonstration materials. When you study regulator theory for example - there are several different models, including many older examples to illustrate design principles. Cutaway models are available to study and considerably clarify operating principles and the like. When exceptionally well-illustrated theory sessions are added to hands-on examination of each piece of equipment and then followed up by actual servicing and review, the result is a really solid, comprehensive understanding of the subject.
Every element of the Course is presented logically and coherently. All the training is systematically delivered, with the pace adjusted to suit particular demands. Staff are more than willing to address particular individual interests or to review challenging areas.
The training facilities are first-class and the training materials, which you take away, are beautifully prepared. They include CD ROM reference materials.
If you have concerns that the training may not meet US needs - don't be too worried. Staff have a very good knowledge of US specs and although they cannot deliver a US-specific Course (yet?) - Questions on US practice and US-related topics are more than adequately covered.
Costs of training in the UK should be considered in the round. The expense of the Course (when you consider that it provides very highly focused training with abundant use of resources) is comparatively low. Accommodation and subsistence costs are light in the area - which has great natural beauty and would be appealing in its own right. Getting to UK is not hugely expensive if well timed nowadays - there are frequently economy flights available.
Summarizing - I came away from the Course feeling very well trained and prepared for service in any dive center technical operation. (But, bear in mind, time spend under a tech who has more experience is almost certainly the best next step after graduation).
I should not overlook the fact that staff provide on-line (e-mail) support and follow-up when you venture forth to pursue your career - you are not left alone!
The bottom line - attendance on the Course is one of the best things I have done to prepare me for work in the dive industry.

Sarah - Honduras

I just wanted to say thank you for the course over the last couple of weeks. It was very well organised and run and I can't believe how much I have learned in such a short time. I'll definitely be recommending you!
Don't forget to look me up if you're ever in Honduras and I'm sure you'll be hearing from me next year when I start servicing my own kit and have loads of questions!
Thanks again

Ian & Victoria

Dear Stewart & Frances,
I write with regard to the STATS 14-day combined DITC/Nitrox GB and Technician/Cylinder Testing Pt II that my business partner (Dr V. Turner) and I attended. I wanted to let you know that we have found the technical knowledge and skills that we attained during these courses to be invaluable.
Furthermore, your own considerable commercial experience provided an interesting insight to the recreational diving industry that can only serve to enhance the commercial awareness of your students and prepare them to take a more holistic, realistic and common sense approach to any commercial activities that they may undertake.
I believe this to such an extent that I would advise absolutely anyone considering a career in the scuba diving industry, whether it is in equipment servicing, manufacturing, retail, charter boat, or even travel, to attend STATS for training. We regularly attend courses (mainly in the scientific realm), and we actually both agreed that your courses are the best that we have attended, in terms of enjoyment, satisfaction, personal development, and value for money.
Best regards,
Ian Todd and Victoria Turner
(Proprietors and directors of National
Diving College and Appin Scientific Limited)

Anne Marie Walters
Senior Pyrotechnic Technician
Physical Special Effects Technician

I've just spent the last 10 days in Morecambe doing the ASSET Course. If you are thinking of making a living in the Diving Industry, then, invest the money for the 10 days as it is probably the best course I've ever been on. Having spent 12 years in a Technical Workshop, it seemed sensible to be able to repair SCUBA Equipment!

They have an on-site workshop with a cylinder hydraulic test station as well as various air banks, compressors, safe air tester, Eddy Current tester, measuring equipment etc. The main make of regulators serviced are Coltri. Additionally, there are Apeks & Poseidon available as well as a huge amount of info on Scubapro etc.

The amount of workshop equipment & special tools, Ist Stage cut aways, 2nd Stage cut aways, inflators, valves.....is impressive. It's not just a Technician course, it's a history and appreciation of diving equipment....it all goes together. The level of Instruction was both excellent and tremendous fun....not a single stone was left unturned!

Pete Tapper - Devon & Cornwall Police

Dear Frances and Stewart
Having just escaped the ravages of the ‘Baghdad of the North West’ a.k.a Morecambe, and arrived home safely 7 hours later in the Devonshire sub tropical region of Plymouth I thought I should write to send you the promised photo but more importantly to extend my sincere thanks to you both for an outstanding 6 days.
Stewart, you will know that it is my intention to retire next year, perhaps never to dive again, who knows? For the past 23 years I have attended countless courses and waded through mountains of legislation just to keep my head above water!!! Just when I’m about to hang up my fins I’m sent to see you for a few days and instantly, many of the mysteries of maintenance and regulations have been wiped away ….how I wish we had met years ago!
In common with the countless hundreds of students before me I was amazed at your depth of knowledge, you’re comprehension of legislation which in truth we lesser mortals never entirely understand, your ability to remember BS numbers (and yet forget Frances’s birthday….) and of course your computer skills of which I am totally in awe. I can’t remember enjoying a course more and moreover, coming away with a renewed confidence in the job I’ve been working at for nearly half a century.
Frances, I’m sorry we never met; I hope some day we will. Thank you so much for all your unseen hard work. If you would care to send me the date of your birthday I will send him a reminder in good time!
In conclusion Stewart, it’s been a great privilege to meet you and to be taught by a maestro, long may you continue. I only wish we could have persuaded our employers to have sent us up to Morecambe for the complete course…perhaps there’s still time….
My very best wishes to you both and hope that one day we will meet again,


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