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For a Dive Industry Technician it has become a huge problem over the last 10 years getting insurance for this work in the industry - there are not many underwriters apparantly who will underwrite this and therefore it is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

I have emailed approx 50 ASSET members and asked if they would be willing to share their insurance contacts with others - so far I have only heard back from one. As and if I hear back from others I will post the info here hoping it might assist others.

If you have this type of insurance and would be willing to pass the details on to other ASSET Members please email me: fmmeinert@aol.com

ps. When contacting Insurance companies don't forget to mention that you are an ASSET Trained Technician- this might just get you a discount!


Dive Master Insurance Consultants Ltd
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e-mail sales@divemaster.net
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From an ASSET Member:

I am insured through Dive Master insurance, I have to take a diving centre policy and pay £1200 although this covers me for teaching diving, instructors etc.(none of which I need) it also gives me full cover for the servicing of regulators and testing of diving cylinders. I had to give proof of training (ASSET training course etc). Whilst expensive it is the only company that would provide full liability cover in case of an accident involving diving equipment that I have serviced.

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