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From time to time ASSET publishes guidance notes to provide clarification about a range of subjects. The following guidance notes are available:

SCUBA Maintenance

04-02 Diving Equip Written Scheme Amend02 20Sept11

Pressure Systems
Cylinder Testing

06-99 Cylinder Colour Coding Amend02 07Oct11
09-00 Aluminium Cracks Amend04 07Oct11
04-04 Threads ISO 228 replaces BS 2779 Amend01 19Sept11
03-05 Valve Refurbishment EN14189 Amend01 18Sept11(Superseded)
04-05 Inspect and Test Marking Amend02 10Oct11
05-05 Cylinder Valve Pressure Rating Amend01 20Sept11
08-06 Cylinder Labels Amend02 07Oct11
10-07 Thread Not-go allowance Amend01 19Sept11
11-07 NPSM (USA) Thread Gauging Amend01 19Sept11
03-09 Valve Flange EN144 vs DIN477 Amend02 07Oct11
09-11 Airgun Cylinder Testing Amend01 07Oct11
09-11 Thread inspection reminder Amend01 08Oct11
05-12 Valve Refurbishment BS EN ISO 22434 29May12(Supersedes GN 03.05)
06-12 Thread Gauging Requirement Amend00 18Jul12


03-05 Oxygen Cleaning Amend02 11Oct11

If you would like copies of any of these, please email: scubatechnician@aol.com quoting your full name and ASSET Membership No. if you hold both ASSET Technician & Cylinder Technician qualifications, please provide both membership numbers.

Note: these documents are in PDF format.

HSE Diving Safety Leaflets

The HSE publish a range of safety leaflets for the diving industry. These can be downloaded from: www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/diveindx.htm

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