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The Association of Scuba Service Engineers & Technicians
World Leaders in Technician Training & Standards for the Diving Industry

When an accident or incident occurs, in today’s litigation and health and safety conscious world, the training, qualification and experience of life support equipment maintenance technicians will be scrutinised. On the job training, supplemented by the occasional manufacturer’s course is difficult, if not impossible, to support, as an adequate means of demonstrating competence. To comply with health and safety law and the requirements of insurance providers, technicians and their employers must consider if, in the case of an accident, they could, in reality, demonstrate competence or would a more formal, comprehensive and independent source of training be more suitable.
When the equipment involved in a diving accident is inspected and tested, the maintainer and their procedures come under scrutiny. Inadequate facilities, documentation, procedures and record keeping can lead to problems.
ASSET is dedicated to assisting its members to be properly prepared, trained and equipped.

Aims and Objectives of the Association

    • To develop and promote codes of practices, standards and procedures
    • To set training standards for diving equipment maintenance and cylinder testing technicians
    • To educate, through high quality training courses
    • To develop and implement an approval scheme for service centres and test stations.
    • To promote quality assurance and customer service
    • To represent the interests of members

    Technician Training

    ASSET Technicians are the best trained in the world.
    ASSET handbooks are very comprehensive. All ASSET courses include professional classroom presentations, hands on workshop practice and theory and practical tests.
    Successful candidates receive highly regarded ASSET qualifications and become members of the Association.
    ASSET courses:

      • Dive Industry Technician’s Course (DITC).
      • Cylinder Testing Course (CTC).
      • Cylinder Testing Pt 2 Course (CT2)
      • The Composite Cylinder Inspection & Testing Course (CCC).
      • The Compressed Air System Operation and Management Course (CASM).
      • The Nitrox Technician and Gas Blender’s Course (NTC).
      • The Nitrox Gas Blender’s Course (NBC).

      Due to the high standard of these training courses, ASSET qualifications are highly regarded.

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